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Jules Léger, Canada’s ambassador to France, first had the idea to create a Canadian Cultural Centre in France in order to introduce the richness and diversity of Canadian culture and thus reinforce the ties of friendship between Canada and France. The Canadian Cultural Centre was officially inaugurated on April 2, 1970, and for nearly half a century has endeavoured to promote Canadian culture in France.

Initially established on the Esplanade des Invalides in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, in the spring of 2018, the centre moved to 130 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in the 8th arrondissement of Paris in a post-Haussmannian building renovated by the Canadian and French architects Julian Smith and Jean-Paul Viguier. Integrated into the Embassy of Canada, it is in this unique setting that the special artistic encounters between Canada and France come to life.

The heart of Canadian cultural diplomacy in France, the Canadian Cultural Centre aims to promote the most innovative contemporary Canadian artforms through public and private institutional partnerships, and collaborations with various French festivals and events.

Endowed with a 160-square metre glass-roofed art gallery and an auditorium, the centre hosts exhibitions by Canadian contemporary artists, concerts by Canadian musicians of all genres, film screenings, lectures and events for young audiences throughout the year – all free. The centre also supports Canadian cultural programming all over France, helping Canadian and French institutions with their exchanges and cooperation.

With its unique programming focusing on the diversity and vitality of artistic voices, the Canadian Cultural Centre is a point of convergence for disciplines, languages and living cultures from all the provinces and territories of Canada.

The Canadian Cultural Centre has also been an active member of the Forum des Instituts Culturels Étrangers à Paris (FICEP) since its foundation in 2002.

Free Access. Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm. 

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Centre culturel canadien - Ambassade Canada
Centre culturel canadien / Canadian Cultural Centre Artiste / Artist: Stephen Andrews
Collaboration : Mosaïka : Saskia Siebrand, Kori Smith, et artisans