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50 ans d’estampe et sculpture inuit

May 08th, 2010 - October 03rd, 2010

Affiche 50 ans d’estampe et sculpture inuit , 2010

The Métairie Bruyère Graphic Art Center (Burgundy) is a large collection of workshops divided among eight buildings. This prestigious site of printmaking, lithography and typography welcomes artists and poets from the world over: Nóvoa, Alechinsky, Dirosa, White, etc. 

Every year, expositions are open to the public. This year, the Center offers a discovery of contemporary Inuit engraving and sculpture.

Discover inuit printmaking!

Stories and Legends: Mythology and Shamanism

Relatively unknown in Europe, but prized by North American collectors, Inuit printing has a strong identity much like Japanese and German Expressionist prints. 

The exposition, designed like a voyage offers a reading of Inuit stories and legends illustrated by over a hundred works chosen through the work of a variety of Canadian printing workshops such as Cape Dorset, Pangnirtung, Baker Lake, Holman, etc. 

The exposition includes both educational and playful aspects, including a space dedicated to the tools, stones, leathers and presses that allow for the production of these works of art. Activities, workshops and theater will allow participants to discover an original culture rich with wisdom. 

May 15: 6:00pm Viewing and Conference with the participation of Inuit art collector Claude Baud

July 24: Film Viewing: Nanook of the North 

Nanook of the North (1922) is a documentary by R. Flaherty. In the first major production to be filmed in the Arctic, the explorer Robert Flaherty shares with us the joys and sorrows of the harsh life of the hunter Nanook and his family in the Canadian Great North of the 1920’s. 

Soundtrack performed live. Length: 64mins, 16 mm film. Musicians: Pris Randriana : piano, keyboard. Chris Flez : guitars, percussion, samples.

Curateur : Sébastien Desplat

Traduction : John PetrusFrom Wednesday to Sunday, 10 am-12 pm / 2 pm-7 pm

Centre d’Art Graphique de la Métairie Bruyère , 89240 Parly 

03 86 74 30 72 or lametairieb@gmail.com