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Amy Kazymerchyk, laureate of the Paris/Vancouver curatorial residency programme 2021
2021 Edition

Cité internationale des arts de Paris
April 01st, 2022 - June 01st, 2022


The Polygon Gallery, Griffin Art Projects, Cité internationale des arts, the Embassy of France in Canada, the Consulate of France in Vancouver and the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris join forces to create a curatorial residency programme for four years between Paris (2021, 2023) and Vancouver (2022, 2024).

The winner of the 2021 session of the programme, Amy Kazymerchyk is a Canadian curator in visual arts in Vancouver. Her artistic residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris, France, will last 3 months (April-June 2022).

In France, the curator wants to explore the way artists think the themes of interiority-exteriority and exposure-enclosure. The French cultural and artistic landscape greatly influences her work: the French post-modern thought, for example, played an important role in her understanding of the concepts of the « other », the « stranger, and « hospitality ». This program is for her the opportunity to experience French creation in person.



Cité internationale des arts de Paris
18 Rue de l'Hôtel de ville, Paris

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