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In Canada… Documentary Crossing
Canadian cycle at the Cinémathèque du documentaire at the BPI

La Cinémathèque documentaire à la Bibliothèque d’information publique du Centre Pompidou
September 07th, 2022 - November 17th, 2022

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From September 7 to November 17, 2022, La cinémathèque du documentaire at the Bibliothèque publique d’information – Bpi of the Centre Pompidou will explore the vastness of the Canadian territory through a lineup of 65 films that resonate across time, territory, culture and community. 

This national programme takes as its starting point the immensity of the territory and the diversity of the communities that live there, in an attempt to grasp something of the Canadian issues, by observing them from various points of view. The idea is to combine a short film with a long film in order to create an echo and to make words resonate across the ages and the country.

The cycle proposes to mix the best-known filmmakers with a new generation of filmmakers, to create a dialogue between Francophones and Anglophones, and to pair up Indigenous and non-Indigenous films. The idea is to create links, to provoke discussions through cinema, in order to see that within the same territory, voices respond to each other, asking questions of the same order, on different scales. How do we inhabit a place? How do we name what surrounds us in order to transmit it? And how do we create a society? With these vast questions, we cross the Canadian provinces and encounter issues such as the relationship to a territory, the attachment to language, the transmission of a culture, working conditions, the framework of institutions, the struggles for recognition or equality, settlements in a territory…

Discover this ambitious lineup of 65 films on the Cinémathèque du documentaire website!

The Canadian Cultural Centre is a partner of this programme.


La Cinémathèque documentaire à la Bibliothèque d’information publique du Centre Pompidou
Place Georges-Pompidou, Paris

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