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In the Middle of Nowhere, Pascal Grandmaison, Isabelle Hayeur, Thomas Kneubühler

Centre Culturel Canadien (Invalides)
November 14th, 2012 - March 22nd, 2013

Picture 023
Thomas Kneubuhler - Untitled # 12 issue de la série Absence, 2001
Thomas Kneubuhler - Untitled # 10 de la série Office 2000, 2008
Thomas Kneubuhler - Untitled # 10 de la série Office 2000, 2008
Vidéo exposition Au milieu de nulle part
Vidéo exposition Au milieu de nulle part. Vidéo par Vincent Royer, OpenUp Studio / Centre culturel canadien
Thomas Kneubuhler - Nomadic_2
Thomas Kneubuhler - Nomadic Settlement # 2 de la série Under Currents, 2011
Isabelle Hayeur - Ile
Isabelle Hayeur - Ile, : issue de la série Paysages incertains, 1998
Isabelle Hayeur - Catherine
Isabelle Hayeur - Catherine, issue de la série Maisons Modèles , 2006
Pascal Grandmaison Ouverture 4
Pascal Grandmaison - Ouverture 04, 2006
Pascal Grandmaison Void_View_07
Pascal Grandmaison - Void View 07, 2010
Pascal Grandmaison Verre_7
Pascal Grandmaison - Verre 07, 2004

Vernissage: Tuesday, November 13, 6–8:30 p.m.

In the middle of nowhere is a paradoxical expression used to refer to an object or a place from a relatively unplaceable space. It indicates a remote thing or location that is out of the ordinary or that juts out unexpectedly from the flat immensity. Literally an unplaceable place – an absurdity, a paradox, a deception, an illusion, a flash of brilliance – which is a fabulous subject for photography.

The artists brought together here for the first time share a common interest in what usually escapes the notice of the viewer or precisely what is not supposed to be the centre of attention. Something quite special results from the linking of the model house of Isabelle Hayeur’s almost unreal suburban housing development (Model Homes), the ski resort outside Montreal photographed at night by Thomas Kneubühler (Electric Mountains) and a portion of the universe materializing out of a hole in a sheet of paper (Pascal Grandmaison, Void Views). Complicities make us attentive in the extreme to the sudden and surprising proximity of strange things or things that are shown to us in a strange way.

Part of the Mois de la Photo à Paris, November 2012 

In partnership with Paris Photo 2012, Exponaute and Le Journal des Arts

Free admission


Centre Culturel Canadien (Invalides)
5, rue de Constantine, Paris

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