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Canad’AIR – Episode 3
Francophonies and Rock'n roll Attitude - Journey to the musical lands of Mehdi CAYENNE

Centre culturel canadien
June 08th, 2020


At the end of March, the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris launched the Podcast Canad’AIR, to celebrate its 50th anniversary!

Our first episode, devoted to contemporary digital art, examined the relationship between humans and machines. Our second episode explored, through the vector of Canadian literature, what happens to human beings when they are confronted to themselves, in times of crisis. Our third episode invites you to meet the singer Mehdi Cayenne.

Mehdi, who are you?

Born in 1987 in Algiers, to a French mother and an Algerian father, his name is not yet Mehdi Cayenne but Mehdi Hamdad. In 1989 his family settles in Canada where Mehdi grows up in French but quickly learns English and where he and his family overcome the challenges and tribulations of immigration. From this story comes his energy and strength.

With 4 albums that mix funk, punk, rock and pop music and where electronics meet the Orient, Mehdi Cayenne quickly gained his reputation as the free electron of the Canadian Francophone scene.

A few weeks ago he performed his first live Facebook concert for the Canadian Cultural Centre and talked to Canad’AIR. It’s 10:00 am in Montréal, 4:00 pm in Paris, coffee in one hand, a microphone in the other, we settle in for a honest and unstinting conversation about him and about belonging to the rich and diverse Francophonie of Canada.

Turn up the volume.

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Centre culturel canadien
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