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Canad’AIR – Episode 1
The Canadian Cultural Centre's new podcast

Centre culturel canadien
April 02nd, 2020

11-Alter-1-2-© Justine Emard, ADAGP - 2018 Alter by Ishiguro lab and Ikegami Lab

Welcome to Canad’AIR, the podcast of the Canadian Cultural Center in Paris.

We are celebrating our 50th anniversary (already!) and to mark the occasion we have decided to further expand our reach through the AIRwaves. For half a century the Canadian Cultural Center has brought you on a voyage to Canada through exhibitions, concerts, movies and the literary world.

We now invite you to expand your discoveries and further explore the richness and diversity of Canadian culture thanks to our interviews with various artists, writers and curators.

The journey continues.

Artificial intelligence and contemporary art: can artists today learn from machines, technologies and algorithms? To what extent are they sources of creative inspiration? What critical view of the world do they offer us? Are machines also creators of art?

These are some of the questions pondered by Canadian and French artists taking part in the Canadian Cultural Centre’s exhibition, “Human Learning – What machines teach us .

Join us for a journey into an imaginary and technological world, guided by two explorers of choice: the Canadian curator of the exhibition, Alain Thibault, artistic director of the Biennale internationale de Montréal Elektra and the French curator Dominique Moulon, associate curator of the Biennale Némo which this exhibition is part of.

Ready for takeoff? Sit comfortably, turn up the volume of your headphones … let’s go!

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