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Canad’AIR – Season 2, Episode 5
Ketty Nivyabandi, refugee, poet and chief human rights defender

June 18th, 2021

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In this new episode, we meet an exceptional woman. A free spirit, a resister, a human rights defender, a poet, a mother: Ketty Nivyabandi is a wonderwoman. Together we talked about the sweetness of her childhood in Bujumbura, the harshness of exile, the power of women, the right to self-determination, and also about poetry… Ketty the Amazon has many strings to her bow.

As a journalist and fighter for democracy, Ketty organized the first Women’s March against the Burundian government in 2015. This was a turning point in her life, that caused her to be sent into exile. A few months later, she landed in Canada, with a tiny suitcase and her two little girls… She became a political refugee. But never stopped fighting for what’s right. Ketty continued to do what she had always done: fight, make her voice heard, take her place. In 2020, she was appointed Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada, the first black woman to hold this position.

Ready for take-off? Let’s go!

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