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Carte blanche à Montréal : Michel Tremblay / Christian Bordeleau

October 01st, 2013 - November 23rd, 2013


Alternately at Théâtre les Déchargeurs, Paris

Both harsh and funny, these self-portraits are universal. As always in the work of Michel Tremblay, the language is strong, the themes various and dense, the descriptions astute and precise. Everyone can relate. The Théâtre des Déchargeurs has given carte blanche to director Christian Bordeleau, who adapts and directs the work of Quebec dramatist and writer Michel Tremblay.

“Gloria, la si peu glorieuse”, adapted from Le trou dans le mur by Michel Tremblay a show by and with Geneviève Boivin, directed by Christian Bordeleau

Gloria wanted to be called Gloria Star; someone else already bore the name. She dreamed of being a singer in the greatest cabarets of the world; her pride led her to hell. As a redemption of sorts, Gloria tells us her extraordinary adventure.

“La Duchesse de Langeais”  with Laurent Spielvogel, adapted and directed by Christian Bordeleau 

The queen of transvestite cabarets, the Duchess is on vacation in the South Seas. Instead of having a siesta like everybody else, she drowns thoughts of a lost love in a bottle of whisky on an empty patio. Her sharp tongue, which she uses as a weapon of mass destruction, has a field day. The Duchess pours her heart out and settles old scores – with herself and with life 

“C’t’à ton tour, Laura Cadieux”  with Cécile Magnet, adapted and directed by Christian Bordeleau 

For ten years, Laura Cadieux has been visiting her doctor every week. She is having a treatment to help her lose weight. She recounts her day in town – from taking the Montreal subway to her doctor’s waiting room – with verve. Generous, she tells us about the richness of her life, her family and her friends.