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Ce qui demeure

September 16th, 2011 - December 16th, 2011

Bertrand Carrière, Ce qui demeure, 2011

In partnership with the Canadian cultural centre

From September 16 to December 4 at the « Historial de la Grande Guerre » in Péronne.

Bertrand Carrière retraces the footsteps of an unknown World War I photographer introduced to him through a photo album he discovered by chance.

In 2005, Bertrand Carrière and historian Guth Desprez started to investigate the deeper history surrounding the found photo album. They travelled to Europe, with the photo album as their guide, in order to retrace the path of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. By photographing the locations in the soldier’s images, Carrière explores the themes of memory and history through the changing landscape. They visited the long list of places marked by the horrendous battles of The Great War: the Somme in Picardy, Artois in the North Pas-de-Calais and up to the vast fields of Flanders in Belgium.

Musée de la Grande Guerre – Historial de la Grande Guerre — Château de Péronne BP 20063, 80201 PERONNE cedex

Free entrance