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Dernières nouvelles de l’ours polaire (Latest news on polar bears)

[:fr]Centre culturel canadien (Invalides)[:en]Canadian Cultural Centre (Invalides)[:]
April 14th, 2010 - September 10th, 2010

Ours polaire

An exhibition by Remy Marion and Pôles d’images Association

Opening April 13, 6:30PM

The polar bear, symbol of the Arctic, has always held a fascination for the people who live alongside it and for us Europeans. As a predator living on pack ice, it can only survive by adapting to change in such a demanding environment. 

The polar bear helps raise awareness about ecological, economic and political issues. It lives among the highest latitudes of our industrialized hemisphere where the meridians converge, on a vast territory undergoing massive changes. The largest polar bear population is found in northern Canada, and it should continue to subsist on Canadian territory despite the rapidly-changing climate-a challenge that needs to be addressed now. 

Rémy Marion has more than 20 years of experience as a polar bear expert. In this exhibition, he presents the most recent photographs and documentaries that mark the culmination of months of field observations and data compiled from world-renowned experts. His recently published book, “Dernières nouvelles de l’ours polaire,” shares the most current insight about this species. 

 This documentary exhibition is organized by Pôles d’images in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy, Tourism Canada and Air Canada.   


[:fr]Centre culturel canadien (Invalides)[:en]Canadian Cultural Centre (Invalides)[:]
5, rue de Constantine, Paris

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