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Fred Pellerin

December 01st, 2011 - December 03rd, 2011

Fred Pellerin à l'Alhambra 2011

Fred Pellerin is a fabulous storyteller whom we’d like to call “Pellerin the Enchanter” as he is so bewitching. Unknown in France until recently, the Quebecker is back with his new show, “L’arracheur de temps”. This subtle storyteller, singer, narrator and poet brings back the oral tradition we had abandoned in all its finery. Ancestral memory, the return of the mythical and the legendary.

A weaver of dreams, Fred Pellerin is not, however, in any way a man nostalgic for the past. Rather, he is a child of the future who with his stories makes pathways to the days to come.

Alhambra, 21 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris