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Guillaume Krick - Benjamin Thomas

December 13th, 2014 - February 21st, 2015

Guillaume Krick, Artefact, Acier rouillé, 2013
Guillaume Krick, Excaver l\'air
Guillaume Krick, Excaver l'air, 2014

Musée de La Roche-sur-Yon

Through photographic, sound and sculptural works, this exhibition takes an artistic look at town and country planning. These works question the very idea the idea of infinite growth in a finite world with limited resources. The universal and lasting appropriation of public space is threatened by a trend towards maximizing flows in the name of a continuous quest for mobility.

The exhibition begins with archaeology to reach the continuous and standardized flow of the fabrication of cities, on the one hand, and an evocation of the depletion of resources and of the transformation of the natural areas, on the other.

The second part of the exhibition Terrasser l’horizon will be presented at the Canadian Cultural Centre from June 3 to September 8, 2015.

Further information: www.ville-larochesuryon.fr