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Guillaume Krick et le Collectif Extra Muros

October 14th, 2011 - November 10th, 2011


Ni Fixe Ni Fige in Nantes

Toward long-lasting forms of fragility

This show is part of an international artist exchange program : Being on a trip meets the immobility of architecture and urbanism. The immutable aspect of real estate is opposed to the force of nature. Built to last, human constructions are more fragile than they look, especially in the times of pollution and climate change. The visual aspect of architecture tells us a lot about a society, about its values and dreams, but also about the fears and trauma haunting it.  

The invited artists are questioning the idea of durability of human construction in the wake of a society changing more and more rapidly. 

Grande galerie de la Maison de l’Architecture, 17 rue de la Noue Bras de Fer, 44200 Nantes