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Animated Holiday Stories
In partnership with NFB

Centre culturel canadien
December 18th, 2020 - December 20th, 2020

Caprice de Noël
“Caprice de Noël” de Grant Munro, Norman McLaren, Jeff Hale et Gerald Potterton, 1963
“Ludovic - Une poupée dans la neige” de Co Hoedeman, 1998
“Tzaritza” de Theodore Ushev, 2006
Capture d’écran 2020-12-02 à 11.11.36
“Hold-up au Far West” de Jeff Hale, 1964

To help you celebrate the holiday season, we invite you to gather the whole family around a special series of short films by great Canadian animation artists and produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

These short films will be available on the Canadian Cultural Centre’s Facebook Page from Dec. 18 at 6pm (Paris Time) until Sunday Dec. 20 at 8pm.

Blending fantasy, emotion, laughter and suspense, this family program will bring children and adults alike to live wonderful, incredible and miraculous stories.

From 3 years old / For the whole family / duration 48 mn

In partnership with the National Film Board of Canada / NFB


▪ “Opening Speech: McLaren”, Norman McLaren
Canada / 1961 / 7 min / NFB
Director Norman McLaren tries to welcome the audience, but his microphone won’t cooperate.

▪ “Christmas Cracker”, Grant Munro, Norman McLaren, Jeff Hale et Gerald Potterton
Canada / 1963 / 9 min / animation / NFB
A friendly and facetious jester tells us three festive tales for the holiday season.

▪ “Ludovic – The Snow Gift”, Co Hoedeman
Canada / 1998 / 14 min / animation / NFB
It is snowing. A little teddy bear, Ludovic, dreams of going sliding outside with friends. Alas, he is still too small. Ludovic feels a little lonely. But he will find in his dream and imagination wonderful games to share with a new friend.

▪ “The Great Toy Robbery”, Jeff Hale
Canada / 1964 / 6 min / animation / NFB
This animated western tells the story of three bandits who steal Father Christmas’ presents on Christmas Eve.

▪ “Vistas: Walk-in-the-Forest”, Diane Obomsawin
Canada / 2009 / 3 min  / animation / NFB
The healer Walking in the forest searches a miraculous medicinal plant and discovers a fascinating secret world.

▪ “Tzaritza”,  Theodore Ushev
Canada / 2006 / 7 min  / animation / NFB
Lili misses her grandmother, her Baba who lives by the Black Sea. There, Lili has found a Tzaritza, a magical shell that makes wishes come true. Lili’s thinks of a childish trick to make her grandmother come to Montreal and make her father happy.


Centre culturel canadien
130 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris

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