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Jad Salameh
Facebook Live

November 03rd, 2020
20:00 - 21:00

Jad Salameh Trio - 2
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On November 3 at 8 pm, join us on Facebook for a live concert by Lebanese-Canadian musician Jad Salameh, for the Jazzy Colors Festival by FICEP!

Lebanese-Canadian jazz pianist Jad Salameh goes back to his roots and revisits traditional Lebanese music, while embracing modern side jazz. Lively, optimistic and innovative, the energy emanating from his music captures your senses and imagination. 

With our current reality resembling a post-apocalyptic work of fiction, the music of the Jad Salameh Trio expresses a willingness to take the narrative in hand and create an outlet for the madness that slowly takes hold of us. Reflecting the complexity of our current state of mind, the pianist’s compositions are a journey punctuated with moments of wonder, vulnerability, madness, explosiveness and beauty.  

A musical “reflection” that leads us to question the profound dichotomies and tensions that are omnipresent in the current state of humanity.

Further Information

Join us on November 3 at 8 pm on our Facebook Page