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Jon Rafman, Online Projects

September 27th, 2012 - November 19th, 2012

Jon Rafman
Jon Rafman, Rv888, Finnmark, Norway, 2010 - Archival c-print - Courtesy of Jon Rafman

Palais de Tokyo à  Paris 

Remaining true to its ambition to support the most contemporary artistic practices, in September 2012 the Palais de Tokyo  launches of its Online Projects.  Emerging artists whose practice is intimately connected with the Internet will be invited to present an innovative body of work on the Palais de Tokyo website. This will happen on a recurrent basis, and the first session will be opened by the Canadian artist Jon Rafman, a pioneer in this area.

Jon Rafman is an artist who explores the paradoxes of modernity as well as the sources of the contemporary individual’s loneliness and alienation. Using humor, irony and melancholy, his work is developed through the use of digital media, and the rich potential afforded by new technologies. Discovered through his immense investigative work entitled Nine Eyes, an undertaking to travel all over the world via the Google Street View application, Jon Rafman is interested in culture, behaviour and contemporary consciousness, given that  the new technologies are increasingly outlining its contours and boundaries. His latest work, Remember Carthage, a video work produced exclusively for the Online Projects, will be launched on the Palais de Tokyo’s website on the 27th of September.

Screening and talk (in English) with Jon Rafman and Marie Lechner on September, 28th 2012 (7pm – 9pm) at the Palais de Tokyo.