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 – Michael Lewis MacLennan
Théâtre Taps – Strasbourg

March 17th, 2015 - March 23rd, 2015

 - Michael Lewis MacLennan
© Odile Liger

Over the course of a day, in a big city, six characters wander around seeking a definitive solution to their inability to live. Their crossed trajectories form an urban choreography based on the search for a saving grace.

Blending theatre and dance, the play La Grâce by the Canadian author Michael Lewis MacLennan is directed by Jean-Marc Eder. Born in Vancouver, Michael Lewis MacLennan is a dramatist, scriptwriter, TV producer and creator of numerous television series.

The performance La Grâce will also be presented in March and April in Colmar, Haguenau, Munster and Saint Louis.

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