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« La Porte du non-retour » by Philippe Ducros

July 14th, 2012 - July 29th, 2012

Philippe Ducros, La porte du non retour
Philippe Ducros, La porte du non retour

Maison de Métallos, Paris 

Paris Quartier d’été 2012

“La Porte du non-retour” (The Gate of No Return) is the name given to monuments in West Africa, in memory of the millions of slaves deported to America. It is a symbol of exile – the gate signified the final farewell to the native land.

It is also the name of a show by Quebecker Philippe Ducros. It combines photo, theatre and personal narratives to take us on a journey into the heart of the troubles of West Africa, symbols of all exoduses and migrations. Because he has spent the last ten years crossing the borders separating countries, he likes nothing more than to pull down the barriers that claim to separate the arts.

La Maison des métallos – 94 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud Paris 75011

Monday–Saturday, 6–9 pm (last admission, 8:15 pm) and Sunday, 6–9 pm (last admission, 6:15 pm)