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Canada and Impressionism
New Horizons

Musée Fabre
September 19th, 2020 - January 03rd, 2021

Affiche de l'exposition Le Canada & l'impressionnisme
Clarence Gagnon - Vieilles maisons - Baie Saint-Paul, Collection particulière (Toronto)
Clarence Gagnon - Vieilles maisons - Baie Saint-Paul, Collection particulière (Toronto)

Featuring over 100 works by some 35 artists, Canada and Impressionism: New Horizons presents a fresh perspective on the reception and spread of Impressionism in Canadian art.

Bringing together works by Canada’s renowned painters from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it explores how two generations of artists contributed to the worldwide phenomenon of Impressionism and to the advent of modernity in their homeland.

Through thematic sections, visitors will see styles of painting ranging from the early Barbizon School to Impressionism, and follow in the footsteps of Canadian artists to locations around the world. The exhibition and its complementary publication showcase not only the technical ability and versatility of Canadian artists, but also their place within the international Impressionist movement.

In partnership with the National Gallery of Canada.

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Musée Fabre
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