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Le Festin de l’art

June 07th, 2014 - September 07th, 2014

Martin Bruneau Le Festin de l'art
Martin Bruneau, Le Festin de l'art

Palace of Arts and Festival – Dinard

The exhibition Le Festin de l’art, curated by Jean-Jacques Aillagon, explores the question of contemporary art’s relationship to food.

Contemporary creation has not neglected this subject and has been able to revisit its infinite plastic richness. The table, the kitchen and its ingredients have provided artists of all times with subjects of which they have explored both the plastic power but also the moral and sometimes political dimension. Among nearly seventy major works from numerous collections, Canadian artist Martin Bruneau has endeavoured to renew another “grand genre”, that of the meal, with two oils on canvas, “meal on a pink background” and “meal on a green background”.