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Le Nouvel Orchestra de François Richard

November 19th, 2009 20:00 - 21:30

2008 - Nouvel Ochestra concert
Nouvel Ochestra, 2008
François Richard
François Richard

At 8 pm at Centre culturel de Serbie, Paris.

From 14 to 28 November, Festival Jazzy Colors organized by foreign cultural institutes in Paris, will present 14 concerts from 13 countries. Canada will be presenting François Richard’s Nouvel Orchestra on 19 November at 8 pm at the Serbian Cultural Centre.

With its nine musicians, flautist and composer François Richard’s Nouvel Orchestra will be presenting jazz that is both modern and romantic. The Nouvel Orchestra, whose compositions and arrangements are principally by François Richard, is typified by eclectic jazz with a nice touch of post-romantic modernism.

The Effendi jazz label is celebrating its10th anniversary and sponsoring concerts by some of its top performers:

François Richard and the Nouvel Orchestra will appear on 15 November at the Petit Faucheux in Tours and on the 16th at the Limoges Jazz Festival.

Alain Bédard will perform at MJC Picaud in Nice on 16 October, at the JVC Jazz Festival in Paris on 20 October, at the Commedia de Miramas on the 22nd and the Petit Faucheux in Tours on the 26th.