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Les Francophonies en Limousin

September 28th, 2011 - October 08th, 2011

Les Francophonies en Limousin 2011

The Festival of Francophonies in Limousin proposes you a survey of the French-speaking live performance. To celebrate Canada, the music is honored with Radio Radio, a Canadian electro rap band which sings in French and in ” chiac ” (mixture of French and English, characteristic of Nova Scotia and  New Brunswick). The theater will be also honored with “La guerre au ventre” of Michel Ouellette, “Wolfe” of Emma Haché, “Judith aussi” of Pier-Luc Lasalle, Sarah Berthiaume‘s “Yukonstyle” also with Marc Bouchard prize-winner of the prize 2011 of the dramatic art of the French language of the SACD.

Les Francophonies en Limousin, 11, avenue du Général de Gaulles, 87000 Limoges