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Les Reines

October 18th, 2011 - December 20th, 2011

Les reines - Théâtre de Ménilmontant

Thursday, January 20, 1483. London is engulfed in snow; only the highest tower of the royal residence is visible. King Edward V lies dying and the crown is already the object of everyone’s desire.

In the prevailing chaos, six pitiless pretenders to the throne have twenty-four hours to accede to power. These women, alternately cruel and sublime, engage in a ruthless war with one goal in mind: becoming the next queen of England. A rereading of Shakespeare’s Richard III by Normand Chaurette, this historical tale – solemn, funny and absurd in turn – features six inspired actresses. Aude Ollier’s production is one of rare intensity.

Théâtre de Ménilmontant, 15 rue du Retrait, 75020 Paris