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September 22nd, 2017 - October 07th, 2017


For its 30th anniversary, L’Estival will feature free performances by 30 artists on stage and in the streets of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Poissy, Le Vésinet and Le Pecq. 

For the Canadian programming, Moran, who visited the Canadian Cultural Centre last year, will be playing on Saturday, 30 September at the Théâtre Alexandre Dumas. Halfway between American folk and chanson française, Moran has made a name for himself with his very personal melodies. The Canadians Catherine Major, Samuele, Sarah Toussaint Léveillé and the group Winston Band will also be taking part in this edition.

Other highlights of the festival include Olivia Ruiz, Ben l’Oncle Soul, Yaël Naim, Tryo and Jane Birkin who will be revisiting Serge Gainsbourg’s repertoire alongside a symphonic orchestra. 

Further information: www.lestival.fr