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Ling Zhang « La Montagne d’or »

November 03rd, 2011 - November 06th, 2011

Foire du Livre de Brive 2011

The novel Le rêve de la montagne d’or by Ling Zhang will be in the bookshops on November 3, 2011. On this occasion, Ling Zhang will be at the Foire du Livre de Brive, November 4–6, 2011. 

In 2004, Emmy Smith left Vancouver go to China where her family had a diaolou built a magnificent residence that was a symbol of prosperity and likely to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, but had led to its ruin during Communism. Through the history of the Fang family, which is followed for five generations, Ling Zhang has us discover the forgotten destiny of these migrants who left their country is the 1880s for a country that was often hostile, a far cry from the clichés of the American dream.

Ling Zhang: born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, in 1957, Ling Zhang has been living in Toronto since 1986. A graduate of the Fudan University in Shanghai, she has a master’s degree from the University of Calgary. She has published four novels and four collections of short stories. Le Rêve de la Montagne d’or is her first book to have been translated into French.