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Lully: Armide

November 20th, 2015 - November 22nd, 2015

Opera Atelier - Armide Dress Rehearsal 2012/04/12

Opéra Royal, Versailles

Lully ’s Armide has a special place among the major works of the history of opera. A 17th-century masterpiece, Armide illustrates the clash of Christian and Islamic worlds through the story of the invincible knight Renaud and the Muslim warrior princess Armide. Obsession, jealousy and magic constitute the pillars of this tragic love story.

But Armide is rarely staged; there have only been two productions in Paris over the last two decades. This revival of the production by Marshall Pynkoski for Opera Atelier Toronto is thus an opportunity to be seized. In sumptuous costumes and with choreography that supports the musical drama, this production of Armide from Canada features soloists from both the old and new worlds.

Further information: www.chateauversailles-spectacles.fr