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Ndidi O

May 10th, 2011 - March 22nd, 2012

NdidiO The Escape
NdidiO, The Escape

The Canadian singer Ndidi O, of Nigerian origin, is back with a new album, The Escape.

On it, she plays guitar and piano; she also did the arrangements, and wrote the lyrics and music. “When I was writing this, I was thinking of the progression in the sound, in the stories that come one after the other, answering each other. All these songs were born when I was moving somewhere: in a train, in between planes, in a car, back in a train. And they all speak of change, movement.” She tackles different musical styles, from groovy tempos to country-pop ballads via blues and rockabilly.

Ndidi O will be on tour in France:  

November 4 : La Batterie – Guyancourt (78) La Batterie

November 10 : Le Bolegason « Hors les Murs » – St Amans soult (81) 

November 13 : Festival Blues sur Seine – Acheres (78) 

December 9 : Le Tamanoir – Gennevilliers (92) 

March 15 : Le Train Théâtre – Portes Les Valences (26) 

March 17 : Le Guingois – Montluçon (03) 

March 22 : Espace Beaumarchais – Maromme (76)