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Nicole Haché

February 02nd, 2012 - April 14th, 2012

Nicole Haché, Un instant fragile
Nicole Haché, Un instant fragile

This exhibition features several collections by Nicole Haché, whose works explore her environment and perception of her region: New Brunswick and more precisely the Acadian peninsula.

The exhibition presents three collections: Explorer l’océan (fish), Parcourir les rivages (driftwood) and Résonance (copper). Three different approaches in which she shares her world and the various materials of her region. The exhibition D’aventure en aventure connects art and travel, inspires the viewer to discover new horizons and perhaps envisage a trip to the Acadian country.

5 Opéra 

Agence Compagnie du Monde

5 avenue de l’Opéra

75001 Paris