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“Porte-Lumière”, a permanent work by François Dallégret

June 01st, 2001

Public Order for Trélazé – Effective June 1st
Official inauguration of “Porte-Lumière”, a permanent work of art by François Dallégret, artist and architect, located on Boulevard André-Dautel which crosses and structures the town of Trélazé, in the southern suburbs of Angers.

The “Porte-Lumière” designed by François Dallégret is identified by road signs announcing Hell at the entrance and the Underside of Hell at the exit, thus evoking the locality of Hell but as if to play with it, turning it towards the future in the azure, projecting and proclaiming loud and clear not only the entrance of Trélazé, but its own entry into the post-industrial era, that of culture and communications.