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“Ravel” by Jean Echenoz

March 27th, 2013 - May 05th, 2013

Jean Echenoz, Ravel. Photo © Marion Duhamel
Affiche Ravel Artistic Athévains
Jean Echenoz
Jean Echenoz © Photo : DR/Les Éditions de Minuit

In Ravel, Jean Echenoz explores and improvises on the last ten years of the French composer’s life and retraces his career, both glorious and tragic. Director Anne-Marie Lazarini paints a portrait of a Ravel as captured by literature and stages the romantic universe shared by three actors, notably Quebecker Michel Ouimet, who will play the role of Ravel. Throughout the play, the piano accompanies them, like an imaginary score. A play at the crossroads, between literature and music, dream and reality.

Théâtre Artistic Athévains – Paris 11e