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Reclaim the Earth

Palais de Tokyo
April 15th, 2022 - September 04th, 2022

asinnajaq, Rock Piece (Ahuriri Edition), 2018. Vidéo, 4’02’’.
asinnajaq, Rock Piece (Ahuriri Edition), 2018. Vidéo, 4’02’’.
Study for a Monument, 2013 Abbas Akhavan
Study for a Monument, 2013 Abbas Akhavan, Photo : Tony Hafkenschied

A rallying cry and a call for consciousness raising, the collective exhibition “Reclaim the Earth” brings together 14 artists who seek to develop new connections with nature, the living world and the environment, and who help us to become aware that we are not “viewing the landscape” or “on the earth”,  but rather that we are part of them.

Among the 14 artists, artist Abbas Akhavan (Canada – Iran) will present Study for a Monument (2013 – ongoing) and asinnajaq, an Inuk artist, filmmaker and curator from Canada, will unveil her performance video Rock Piece (Ahuriri edition) (2018).

“Reclaim the Earth” aims to displace a Eurocentric vision of the world, to imagine a relationship to the territory and to the land, to recover and amplify silenced narratives, while underlining the need for the repair, care and healing of Indigenous cultures maligned by colonialism. By bringing together ecology, feminism, socialism and Indigenous politics, it imagines ways out of our capitalist and extractive model of society through a global perspective.

Curator: Daria de Beauvais

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In partnership with the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris


Palais de Tokyo
13, avenue du Président Wilson, Paris

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