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Rencontres France-Canada
Bayonne, Lyon, Grenoble

April 17th, 2014 - November 15th, 2014

Affiche - Rencontres France-Canada LaurenceVallieres

The three Spacejunk Art Centres located in Grenoble, Bayonne and Lyon will present the project Rencontres France–Canada and, in Bayonne, will host the Canadian artist Laurence Vallières who will be producing works in situ.

These will be accompanied by the work of French artists and Canadian artists Jean Labourdette and Martin Wittfooth. They will then be exhibited in Bayonne, Lyon and Grenoble.

Laurence Vallières puts together complex assemblages of disparate bits of cardboard representing wild animals. In her hands, the cardboard changes and fills the space with an oversized sculptural bestiary.

  • April 17–May 31, Bayonne
  • June 12–July 26, Lyon
  • ​September 18–November 15, Grenoble