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Rêves d’eau by Denis Robert

March 13th, 2012 - April 14th, 2012

Denis Robert, Rêves d'eau
Denis Robert, Rêves d'eau

After a first exhibition at the Galerie de l’Europe in March 2011, Canadian photographer Denis Robert has found inspiration for his new work in water, the stuff of dreams. His poetic and remarkable treatment of the subject suggests uncertain figures, furtive beings and an unusual bestiary in a play of reflections, transparency and profound opacity.

With Rêves d’eau, the artist explores the chiaroscuros, lingers on the velvety pastels and is fascinated by the warm and cool tones of a nature that becomes exults in the water, a stunning symbiosis between photography and painting. The twenty large-format prints are contemporary works of surprising complexity. Bewitchingly dreamlike tableaux, in which the evocative power of water, shadows and light inspire the artist’s imagination, reveal a new facet of the art of photography.

Galerie de L’Europe, 55 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris