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The exhibition Traces canadiennes de la Grande Guerre 
Centre d’Histoire Guerre et Paix Lens’14 18 - Souchez

April 08th, 2017 - October 31st, 2017 10:00 - 18:00

Traces canadiennes de la Grande Guerre

The exhibition Traces canadiennes de la Grande Guerre evokes a little-known aspect of the first global conflict, the underground war waged by the soldiers, refugees in the entrails of the earth to protect themselves from the deadly power of the artillery. From a new country, they came to fight – and for many die – thousands of kilometres from their homes. Canadians have, more than all the other belligerents, marked their passage in France by graffiti and sculptures made on the limestone walls of the subterranean cavities of Artois and Picardy, where they stayed before mounting an attack or during periods of rest behind the front.

Further information: www.lens14-18.com