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DIY Workshop #2 – “My Canadian Holiday Decorations”
Virtual Playtime

Centre culturel canadien
December 01st, 2020 - December 31st, 2020


Material 🌟🎨🖌✂️🧶
Here are the materials you will need:
self-hardening clay (available in creative shops)
cookie cutters (in the shape of stars, fir trees, caribou, etc.)
red & black acrylic paint
a brush
a pair of scissors
a stainless steel straw
baking paper
a rolling pin
a matt or glossy varnish (available in creative shops)


1.It’s time for homemade decorations to celebrate the Holiday season! Settle down on a flat table and bring all your material with you

2. Cut out a piece of baking paper and place it on the table or a wooden board 

3. Peel off a piece of clay and knead it to soften it (it’s a bit like modelling clay!)

4. Spread the ball of clay on the baking paper with your rolling pin (if not, a glass bottle will do!) The clay should be about 3 mm thick

5. Put your cookie cutter on the clay and press it down firmly.

6. Cut out the clay around the cookie cutters and detach the shapes obtained. 

7. Take your straw and stick it on top of each object: this is where the string will go to hang your decorations!

8. Let your creations dry in the open air and at room temperature for at least 48 hours. We waited 3 days to be sure. 

9. It’s time to let your creativity go! Take your acrylic paint and decorate your objects as you wish. Get inspired by the video and it’s up to you! 

Tip: Acrylic paint can be mixed with a little water, so if you want to make very precise drawings, don’t use too much water or too much paint. Dry your brush on a towel if necessary. 

10. Let your creations dry for an afternoon and then, if you wish, you can cover your objects with a matte or glossy varnish to preserve the paint even more

11. To hang your decorations all over the house, tie a small piece of string in each of your objects and tadaa!

👀 If you want to learn more about caribou and Canadian wildlife, visit the Canadian Wildlife Federation website & the Parks Canada Pages dedicated to caribou and their conservation


Centre culturel canadien
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