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Casino Luxembourg

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, the flagship contemporary art institution in Luxembourg and internationally, is dedicated exclusively to contemporary creation. Firmly focused on artistic production, and not on collecting and conservation, the art centre is geared towards the experimentation and risk-taking inherent in any creative process.

At Casino, the artist is paramount.

By positioning itself as a springboard for the careers of emerging artists, the art centre supports their development and achievements on their artistic journey, while offering them visibility to a diverse audience and within a vast international professional network.

Since its establishment in 1996, Casino Luxembourg has been the country’s leading contemporary art centre with an international profile. Always on the lookout for new trends, it functions as a catalyst and defender of ideas and thoughts on contemporary art, promoting exploration, experimentation and artistic innovation.

In a historic 19th century building – a former Casino Bourgeois – the forum welcomes all lovers of contemporary art, whether professionals in the field, enlightened enthusiasts or novices seeking an introduction to the unique universe of contemporary creation.

International exhibitions, mainly dedicated to artists’ monographs, are organised exclusively by Casino or in collaboration with other institutions. Since the production of new works is its core remit, Casino invites artists to utilise the premises in full, in order to create, beyond the exhibition itself, an environment conducive to discovery and exchange in conjunction with their work.

In addition to exhibitions, the Casino team runs a vast programme addressing the different aspects and challenges of contemporary creation. Conferences, master classes and other encounters ensure direct contact between artists and the public, an essential link for the comprehension of today’s art.  Support for the public – one of Casino’s main tasks – is provided through a pro-active, creative and ambitious visitor assistance and educational programme.

Source: www.casino-luxembourg.lu, 2020


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