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Connaissance des Arts

Over 50 years of passion for artworks, artists and their stories.

Connaissance des Arts was born in 1952 as part of the Hachette Réalités group with a council of experts, art dealers and auctioneers such as Maurice Rheims. Specializing in antiquities, decoration and objets d’art, it was the first art magazine to combine in-depth articles and colour reproductions.

Every month, Connaissance des Arts keeps its readers abreast of all the international news. Exhibitions, auctions, fairs and salons are reviewed by top journalists and experts. Connaissance des Arts gives you the keys to understanding better the art of all periods, from archeology to contemporary art, design and architecture.

Over 600 special issues covering subjects as varies as major exhibitions, museum collections, châteaux and art-related professions.

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