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Aganetha Dyck
Text by Estelle Pagès

Closely tied to the domestic sphere, to the customs and habits of manual labour, which she transfigures to suggest either anxiety or humour, Aganetha Dyck is concerned with the individual’s place in the community. Since 1991, the artist has been working with a model micro-society, the beehive, confronting hand-made and found objects with the labour of bees. Oddly morphed knitted sweaters, dresses and bonnets, sports objects confronted with the violence of bees; the work of Aganetha Dyck reveals a sculpture-in-progress – in mutation – that is never static, which stretches over time from its creation, to that of the spectator’s view.

Year of publication : april 2001
16×21 cm , 96 pages
Selling price : 15 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from February 9 to March 28, 2001

Preface by Robert Desbiens. Essay by Estelle Pagès: “Aganetha Dyck”; Interview with the artist by Roger Balboni and Sylvie Marandon.

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Aganetha Dyck - Estelle Pagès

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