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Alan Storey
Drawing Machines

Of all the inventions of Alan Storey, his drawing machines are the ones which constitute the central cortex of a multiform production where each project has the look of a laboratory experiment. The exhibition was to show several “samples” of the experiments undertaken by Alan Storey, an artist living in Vancouver, over a fifteen-year period and to what degree the machines, when compared to each other, are entirely determined by the place they are made to function and exist in. Whether they are imposing constructions (such as the pivoting arm in “”Machine for Drawing on Walls””), a chain of complex devices (as in “”Thirteen””), or extremely sensitive crates or cages, which reduce the movements and transports of the exterior world to the scale of a microscopic trace (“”Bird in a Cage”” and “”Shipping Crates Drawing Machines””), all of these instruments do the same and simplest thing possible: they draw lines on a white surface.

Year of publication : november 1999
20×20 cm , 80 pages
Selling price : 18,5 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from October 15 to December 8, 1999.

Essay by Catherine Bédard: “In a Few Lines, Alan Storey”.

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Alan Storey - Drawing Machines

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