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Text by Paul Ardenne

BANG is a coy and mysterious exhibition, comprised of works, installations and interventions by Martin Arnold, Ceal Floyer, Janice Kerbel, Euan MacDonald and Daniel Olson. These emerging Canadian artists all have in common an astonishing and resounding way of transforming daily gestures and the visual and audio environment that surrounds us, into works of art. Composed of pieces designed to evoke subtlety and fragility, the works in BANG operate as a series of mini-explosions within the gallery, intended to create an alternate mental space, providing an escape for the viewer.

Year of publication : july 2002
12,7×17,8 cm , 94 pages
Selling price : 15 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from June 21 to September 14, 2002.

Essays by Eileen Sommerman: “The Potential Threat of Nothing”; and Kika Thorne: “Work vs. Play”.

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BANG - Paul Ardenne

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