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Diane Gougeon
Pièces détachées

Consisting of unassembled pieces that let us see a unified and unifying structure, the works of Diane Gougeon remind us as much of the infinite detail of artistic fabrication as of the displays in department stores (in the do-it-your self or children’s toys sections). Artisan and master displayer, the artist is also a forger of armor; the display of her assemblage pieces gives form to animated shells. Flat and sharp, the image of the body, for Diane Gougeon, possesses no individuality, only the unity of an assemblage, at first visible, then invisible, undivided, then divisible.

Year of publication : november 1997
21×23 cm , 56 pages
Selling price : 12 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from November 21, 1997 to February 20, 1998.

Introduction by Elaine Rudnicki.
Essays by Catherine Bédard: “The Transformations of Diana”;
and Anne Cauquelin: “Show the Hidden”; “Hide what can’t be shown”; “Axioms and adages”; “Separate worlds”…

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Diane Gougeon - Pièces détachées