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Divans maudits
Sorel Cohen

Based on the practice of psychoanalysis and on the motif of the couch (another version of the bed, one of the recurring themes in the artist’s work), this exhibition brings together three series of works from 1996-1997. The eminently private physical space of psychoanalysis is revealed here in the form of a series of unoccupied images, making reference to the decor of a group of Parisian psychoanalysts (“The Wounds of Experience”), or inhabited by the transparent and ghostly presence of the artist’s naked body, in the role of the patient (“The Body That Talks”). Charged with the very particular relationship between patient and analyst, combined with the ambivalence between the therapeutic and erotic nature of a situation reminiscent of an intimate, quasi-marital setting, these photographs, composed of images and text, lead the viewer into a troubled and troubling inner world.

Year of publication : february 2003
22,2×22 cm , 78 pages
Selling price : 22 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from February 26 to May 24, 2003

Essay by Gérard Wajcman: “Couched in Body Language”.

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Divans maudits - Sorel Cohen

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