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Emanuel Licha
Une autre fête au même instant brille dans Paris

Interested in architecture and public space, Emanuel Licha considers objects within an urban landscape as social, historical and political signs. Upon entering the building at 5, rue de Constantine, the visitor follows a path leading up to the gallery, punctuated by an audio guided tour retracing the history of the private mansion where the Canadian Cultural Centre now sits, and the history of the Viscount of Harcourt, Secretary to President MacMahon, who left his legacy as head of the Army of Versailles most notably by his armed and bloody crushing of the Paris Commune in the spring of 1871. Licha’s installation creates a scene based on the history of the first occupants of the building and the current role of the institution. “Une autre fête au même instant brille dans Paris” leads the spectator through a grinding experience where the desire to see calls forth a few ghosts.

Year of publication : july 2005
14,3×21 cm , 80 pages
Selling price : 21 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from September 30 to November 30, 2005.

Text by Anne Cauquelin: “Licha’s Ghosts”.

Available in library or to contact us, please send an e-mail to

Emanuel Licha - Une autre fête au même instant brille dans Paris

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