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Geoffrey James

Numerous and lengthy love affairs have occurred between photographers and the City of Lights. Toronto photographer Geoffrey James provides a different vision of this city, revealing both the enigmatic and the banal throughout the streets and tucked-away corners of Paris. This project is the result of a dialogue with the work of French photographer Atget, and an encounter with one of the most respected French art theorists, Hubert Damisch. Imprinted with mystery and strangeness, void of all human presence, Geoffrey James’ Parisian photographs question the common places of the “photo-genius”.

Year of publication : october 2001
25×25 cm , 108 pages
Selling price : 26 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from October 25 to November 8, 2001.

Essay by Hubert Damisch: “Crossed Lines”.

Available in library or to contact us, please send an e-mail to

Geoffrey James - Paris

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