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Ken Lum
Text by Catherine Bédard

The critical and graphically refined work of Ken Lum seeks to capture human behaviour and to distil that which may appear banal or insignificant. The artist creates conflicting relationships between photographs, images and text according to modes of representation that are clearly coded yet designed to make language and images clash. This exhibition brings together “The Shopkeepers Series” and “Four French Deaths in Western Canada”. In contrast to Ken Lum’s earlier works, these series distinguish themselves by an advance of the text beyond the limit implicitly imposed upon it up until now, in relation to the figurative field of the image.

Year of publication : june 2002
21×29,7 cm , 104 pages
Selling price : 25 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from March 8 to June 1st, 2002.

Essay by Catherine Bédard: “Overpassing Fronteers: Words and Painting by Ken Lum”.

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Ken Lum - Catherine Bédard

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