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Lisa Klapstock, Paulette Phillips
Essay by Gérard Wajcman

This first-time exhibition in Paris – composed of video installations and photographs – by artists Lisa Klapstock and Paulette Phillips, brings together major works by these Toronto artists: Ambiguous Landscapes (2003-2005), Threshold (2001-2002) and the world premiere of the video installation Field Studies (2007) by Klapstock; It’s about how people judge appearance (2001), The Floating House (2002), Crosstalk (2004) and Monster Tree (2006) by Phillips. French psychoanalyst and author Wajcman provides a unique reading of this encounter between the women by bringing forth a diptych formed by Field Studies and Monster Tree. For the author, these pieces create – each in its own way, both playing on the borderline between technology and visual and imaginary enchantment – a vision of “humanity in modern times”.

Year of publication : november 2007
16,5×22 cm , 104 pages
Selling price : 25 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from November 29, 2007 to February 2, 2008.

Preface by Louise Blais;
essay by Catherine Bédard: “On Passersby and Appearances”; and by Gérard Wajcman: “Fields of Vision”.

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