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Lorraine Fontaine, Jacqueline Salmon
Text by Dominique Baqué

By bringing together the works resulting from the two solitary excusions of Lorraine Fontaine and Jacqueline Salmon, the intention was to signal the crossing of two paths, to illuminate two different ways of mar king space. Jacqueline Salmon’s “In Deo” conveys a kind of vertigo before the strange immensity of a place which to her defied reduction to mere landscape. Our of her travels through the mountains of Western Canada, she brought back photographs of finely sculpted rock faces and trees dried and blackened. Lorraine Fontaine’s roamings are informed by the awareness which the body imposes on the faculty of sight, endlessly drawing the eye back from the horizon and the distance to dwell on the clutter close at hand. Sculptor and photographer, her glance rests on objects uprooted.

Year of publication : february 1997
23,5×22 cm , 72 pages
Selling price : 12 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from February 28 to April 18, 1997.

Preface by Jean Fredette.
Introduction by Catherine Bédard.
Essays by Dominique Baqué: “Jacqueline Salmon: Memorials”; “Lorraine Fontaine: The Spirit of Place”.

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Lorraine Fontaine, Jacqueline Salmon - Dominique Baqué