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Michel Labbé
De Nihilo Nihil

This three-part catalogue commemorates a process which led the works of this Quebec artist from Paris to Joinville to Valladolid. “”De Nihilo Nihil”” is the title of each individual piece as well as of the presentation as a whole. The ensemble remains an indivisible whole even as its arrangement changes from one exhibition to another. Made up of structures at once sensual and aggressive, but ever enigmatic, the exhibit’s open forms always reach out to the surroundings, to the exterior. Each piece is a process of transformation applied to a helicoidal or spiral matrix. A horn, a cage, a lamellated cornet or a cage which has become a shield: the association of these objects may suggest the model of a container, but in each case the object’s structure cannot be reduced to such a model.

Year of publication : may 1995
15×21 cm
Selling price : 5 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from April 13 to June 13, 1995.

Introductions by Catherine Bédard and Juan José Lucas.
Text by Christian Weidmann: “ Paris” (May 1995); “Joinville” (November 1995); “Valladolid” (January 1997).

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Michel Labbé - De Nihilo Nihil