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Pat Badani

What is at stake in this project and its dizzying convolutions, is intimated in its title: Tower-Tour is a pun on languages which produces a pun of words. If the project develops with ease around cer tain myths dealing with ruptured order and the immoderate (from the snake whose temptation brought about the Fall to Babel), if it borrows the architect’s planimetric designs, note-taking and documentation of work-sites, the geologist’s topological drawings and the surveyor’s methods of prospecting, Pat Badani’s oeuvre is nonetheless perishable and her desire for universality is thus of the most elementary order.

Year of publication : may 1997
14×24 cm , 48 pages
Selling price : 12 €. Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates :
from May 16 to August 29, 1997.

Preface by Jean Fredette.
Essays by Catherine Bédard: “Introductory Tour”;
Christophe Domino: “ ‘We are digging the pit of Babel’. On Pat Badani’s Tower-Tour”.

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Pat Badani - Tower-Tour

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